Everyday we walk around the city totally unaware of what lies below.  

Coventry is steeped in history from the macabre to the morbid. 

Here at Hideous History, I  offer walking tours that follow in the footsteps of monks, mayhem and murder. 

Dark tourism is alive (or is it…) take a walk with me and uncover Coventry and its grisly past. 

You will hear tales of time, death and darkness ranging over 700 years. 

Hideous History is also part of Tourist 2 Local – standard tours are marked with a T2L logo and are less morbid and suitable for over 10’s. 

See Debs over in my photo, she has way too much fun on my walks! 

Death & Darkness Tour 

On this walking tour learn about death & darkness in our City including the plague and two eerily similar murders in one location.

Discover the location of one of the Country’s last remaining bone houses and the woman who was buried alive!

Little Park Street, Coventry


Age: 16+

Creepy Hallow Tour 

All is not what it seems on this creepy, morbid tour of all things hallow.

Learn about the epidemic in the 1800s, of child-killing blamed on “puerperal insanity” and how 15% of female asylum admissions were the result over the years.

Cuckoo Lane, Coventry

On-site talk

Age: 16+

Haunted Horror Tour 

This tour talks about all things spooky in the City. Learn about the time Spring Heeled Jack was seen in the City, hear about a child murder case that was disposed of and how half-decomposed corpses were being exhumed in 1841 and why.

Little Park Street, Coventry


Age: 16+

Execution & Hangings Tour 

This tour highlights the beginning of the end. 

Walk with me as I share the sites, the gruesome deeds done and the stories of real history including beheading, poisonings and child murder.

Little Park Street, Coventry


Age: 16+

Massive thank you to Jo Phillips from Tourist 2 Local & Hideous History and the children and parents from Y6 at Claverdon School, for braving the wind and rain to enjoy a walking tour of Coventry and hearing about the history surrounding the WW2 forgotten air shelters and raids.
Jo is so knowledgable that I recommend you book on one of her tours immediately (and fingers crossed, next time she will dress up for us!).
Holly Nixon

Awesome walkabout with Jo tonight on her Unknown Tour, the name says it all where the tour took you from one place to the next on an Unknown Route leading to the surprise of the tour which I can’t disclose as I don’t want to spoil future walkers!!

Jo brings knowledge and research with her along with her bubbly persona and dressing up adds that final touch of history with her, thank you, Jo, and am definitely tagging along next time xx

Karen Boyce-McDaid