Over 200 years ago, a stagecoach with all of its passengers disappeared into a large pool on Canley Avenue on Christmas Eve.

Today the story of The Phantom Coach circulates in the city. Just before World War 2, a couple had been living on Canley Avenue and had been accustomed to cows wandering into the garden, she wrote that she had woken up around midnight by the sound of galloping hooves in the garden, her husband also heard the sound, when they looked outside, there was nothing.

Upon asking the neighbour the next day, she confirmed nothing was heard, however, she stated that it must have been The Phantom Coach, and if heard that meant trouble.

After this audible experience, a few months later the first bombs in Coventry dropped in that area. So, my question to you is – have you ever heard or seen The Phantom Coach, and can we work out when it was last documented?

Please share – let’s find the answer.