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Metal detecting is a hobby enjoyed by many people. If you aren’t familiar with it, metal detectors are devices that can help find lost items and coins. Most people who enjoy this hobby will go out to an area where they have permission and think they may find something old or forgotten in the ground.

This hobby is usually done by finding hidden historical artefacts.

The use of metal detectors has helped archeologists locate many archaeological discoveries. Metal detecting is also used to find coins that have been lost over time.  If you need a metal detectorist or have land that we can use, get in touch today! 



Connecting the past with the future, today.


How well do you know your land?

With The Land Detective, you can explore your land’s history.

Using The Land Detective, you will be able to uncover hidden secrets about your land.

You will receive a specially designed report after the metal detecting session containing all of The Land Detectives’ findings.

There is a tale to tell about every land.

Are you ready to begin?




The Land Detective helps you discover the history of your property, the people and the land.


explore LOCAL

Local is so much more than where you live. The Land Detective will help you explore your past.



The Land Detective researches stories and facts about the people, places and things that make our communities unique.

I am a member of the NCMD (National Council of Metal Detecting) and adhere to their code of practice, and hold their insurance.

If it is worth finding, it is worth the time and effort to find it.

Have you ever had the feeling that your land may be hiding treasure?

People have been burying treasure for a very long time.

 Why do people bury treasure?

Well, they do it to keep it safe of course! 

We will help you discover your treasure/historical artefacts by working as your land detective. If you feel that your land may be hiding any treasures, secrets or if you want to find out more about the metal detecting services we provide, then please call us. You can reach us on 07718 598 626.

We’d be happy to answer all of your questions and set up a meeting to determine what kind of search would work best for you and your property today.

Storyteller of the Unknown

07718 598 626


07718 598 626

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