On the 31st May 1830, Mr Charles Green descended into Coventry in a Balloon.

He left again on the 18th June – Coventry Fair was at this time, on Greyfriars Green, it is said that he skimmed the chimney tops of the houses…what an amazing sight that must have been!

Imagine a balloon ascending from Greyfriars today! His first balloon ascent was in 1821 and it is said that he completed over 700 voyages. Not just an ordinary aeronaut – it is recorded that he descended extraordinarily sitting on a horse attached to the balloon and one event where a small pony was also involved. However, it was not all plain sailing for Mr Charles Green and his balloon voyages…in the Leicester Journal – Friday 25 June 1830 it is written: FINDING OF MR. GREEN’S BALLOON. Probable Death of this Intrepid Aeronaut.

On his 152nd trip, Mr Green’s balloon was found in Thorney without Charles Green. He was presumed dead.

Like all good stories, it turns out that a rumour was in circulation that Mr G. is alive and indeed he was as he had saved himself on the top a house near Coventry. Charles Green died in March 1870 at the age of 85. Want to know more about him – click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Green_(balloonist)